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Malnutrition in an ageing population

By On July 19, 2018

We all know that Australia has an ageing population. In 2016, 15% of the Australian population was aged over 65 years, which is expected to increase to 22% by 2056.[1]Australian Institute of… Read More


School kitchen garden programs: harvesting a healthier generation

By On July 16, 2018

The statistics are alarming. Around one quarter of Australian children aged 5-14 years old were overweight/obese in 2014-15; a problem which remains an urgent concern for the population’s health. Along with a moderate-strong… Read More

kids' soccer team, group cheer

Kids’ sports sponsorship: promoting fitness, or an unhealthy diet?

By On June 25, 2018

Together with a nutritious diet, regular physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. With worryingly high childhood obesity rates worldwide, including here in Australia, encouraging children to regularly take… Read More

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The essential oil guide

By On June 4, 2018

The over-abundance of cooking oils that embrace our supermarket shelves can be overwhelming on the best of days. Olive, sesame, flaxseed, the controversial coconut, and even pumpkinseed oil … the list is… Read More

three partially full glasses of wine

Alcohol – how much really is too much?

By On May 28, 2018

Drinking is an intrinsic part of Australian culture. Introduced during colonisation, our tumultuous consumption patterns have gone from excess to restraint and back. Binge drinking has declined in recent times: however, moderate alcohol… Read More


Weight bias and stigma: the unspoken healthcare epidemic

By On May 25, 2018

I recently stumbled across a blog called First, do no harm. It’s an unassuming website that you could easily dismiss. But scrolling through the pages, it describes the harrowing discrimination that overweight… Read More

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Could there be a cure for coeliac disease?

By On May 17, 2018

Affecting an estimated 1 in 70 Australians, coeliac disease is a serious disorder characterised by gastrointestinal complications, nutrient deficiencies and mouth ulcers as a result of unnecessary immune activation in response to… Read More

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The dual-process model and food behaviour

By On May 14, 2018

Eating healthy can often feel like the ultimate battle between right and wrong. A perpetual dichotomy of the kale-and-salad-loving angel on your left versus the cheesy-pizza-loving devil on your right. However, choosing… Read More

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Is personalised nutrition the future for dietary guidelines?

By On April 26, 2018

For many years, dietary guidelines in Australia have been no more specific than recommending a daily number of servings of various food groups based on a person’s age. Think 5 serves of… Read More

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Aquafaba – is it really the new egg white?

By On April 19, 2018

The latest in the world of egg replacers is sweeping across the Internet, and it’s even more unusual than what you might expect. Bean water – yes, you read right – more commonly… Read More