The Nutrition Press


The Nutrition Press is a student-run not-for-profit organisation founded by nutrition and dietetics student Rachel Ben-David and a group of students who are passionate about nutrition. The Nutrition Press aims to provide students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the nutrition field, through voluntary contributions via the website, social media, networking events and various other mediums. Here at The Nutrition Press, we are proud of our students and want to provide everyone with a change to get involved.

Our Mission

The Nutrition press aims to provide a valuable resource which students both produce and use to enhance their studies in the nutrition and dietetics fields. We innovatively connect like-minded students together to ignite a passionate nutrition community that is more informed, engaged and aware of the range of opportunities that a career in nutrition has to offer!

Our Aims

  • To provide a valuable and easily accessible online resource, produced primarily by nutrition and dietetics students throughout Australia.
  • To act as a credible source of scientific information on key nutrition related issues founded on evidence-based practice.
  • Encourage innovation and the accumulation of knowledge within in the Australian nutrition student body
  • To help produce informed and aware nutrition and dietetics graduates who have experienced a wide range of opportunities, and have advanced their knowledge beyond that of the classroom.


Can you see yourself working as part of The Nutrition Press team? We are always looking for innovative nutrition students to be involved with the project, and would love to hear from you if you think you meet the above credentials.