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Bec Norris

Bec teaching the primary school children in the Solomons. Photo by Molly Warner

Death-defying Nutrition in the Solomon Islands

By On November 7, 2016

As the seatbelt sign turned off, I sat with one hand on my heart and one cradling my stomach. We had just touched down in Honiara after a 2 hour and 45-minute flight through… Read More


No jobs in dietetics? Think again.

By On October 24, 2016

There is an overwhelming negativity surrounding the profession and notably, some dietitians out there are likely to be feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the job prospects! Plus, if you have just read… Read More


The origins of hunger

By On August 8, 2016

We all feel it. That sensation of emptiness followed by an ache, an urge to eat, to supply the body with food and the nutrients within. It is innate, uncontrollable and likened… Read More

By Sarah Hansen

Cook & create: We chat to Kerryn Boogaard from The Wholesome Collective

By On July 25, 2016

Life after graduation is a little scary – we get it. We’re bringing you the stories of nutrition graduates who have taken the path less trodden to show the exciting possibilities available… Read More


Swap it, don’t stop it: what to consider when changing the way you eat.

By On June 9, 2016

In a world of constant messaging, news updates and Tweets, there is nothing but pressure to eat this and restrict that. Although certain dietary patterns may seem healthier than others, restricting foods or… Read More


The Non-Diet Approach: is it just another fad diet?

By On May 18, 2016

The non-diet approach is a flexible, gentle way of choosing what to eat and when – no guilt, no body shaming, no restrictions, ever. It goes against the traditional view of achieving weight loss… Read More


Nutrition and the journey to sustainable eating

By On April 18, 2016

With a cascade of never ending nutrition information on organics, veganism, high carb, paleo-ism, high protein, or low-fat diets at our fingertips, eating sustainably can be great – but also feel complicated… Read More


Med charts, colonostomies and cake: A day in the life of a dietetic student

By On March 17, 2016

The art of reflection is a very important skill in dietetics. Reflection helps us learn from previous experiences and consolidates knowledge. So today, I will attempt a different sort of writing piece,… Read More

back to school

Head back to school healthy with a superfood lunchbox

By On January 31, 2016

Keeping ourselves healthy can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in a few tiny hands and feet, and mealtime can become a real task. The mighty lunch box can be… Read More


Unlocking the secrets to sustainable eating

By On December 21, 2015

Everyone has the right to access healthy and nutritious food. However, when this is at the expense of mother nature the benefits may only be short lived. Although farmers and the agricultural… Read More