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Rachel Ben-David


Weight bias and stigma: the unspoken healthcare epidemic

By On May 25, 2018

I recently stumbled across a blog called First, do no harm. It’s an unassuming website that you could easily dismiss. But scrolling through the pages, it describes the harrowing discrimination that overweight… Read More

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Are the food industry responsible for the obesity epidemic?

By On April 13, 2018

Obesity is a big problem for Australia. These days’ two out of three adults and one quarter of kids are overweight or obese, and these numbers just continue to rise. So who… Read More

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Expressions of Interests – Director of The Nutrition Press

By On March 9, 2018

The Nutrition Press is a student-led organisation that has provided more than sixty students with opportunities to expand their experience in nutrition over the past three years. We are looking for a new… Read More

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Instagram and sponsored posts – what you #NEED to know

By On September 18, 2017

Social media has changed the advertising industry. Companies no longer need to spend millions to reach their target audience. Rather they can send out a few samples or pay a few hundred dollars… Read More


5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T start a nutrition blog

By On February 20, 2017

If I had a dollar for every nutrition blog I had seen pop up on my Facebook feed over the past few years, I would probably be writing this post sitting on… Read More


Dietitian and self described ‘Media Junkie’: We chat with Felicity Curtain

By On August 24, 2016

Life after graduation is a little scary – we get it. We’re bringing you the stories of nutrition graduates who have taken the path less trodden to show the exciting possibilities available… Read More

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5 foods to help you ace your exams + a GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

By On May 25, 2016

This post has been sponsored by Vitamix Australia. Keep reading to find out how you can win yourself a Vitamix S30. Recently we published an article on which nutrient groups you should eat… Read More

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How to eat your way to better grades!

By On May 23, 2016

Although the advice someone once gave me to “sleep with your text book under your pillow to help you remember stuff” may not stack up against the science, there seems to be some… Read More

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Sugar, sugar everywhere, but which one should I eat?

By On September 28, 2015

Everywhere I look people seem to be taking about sugar. Every second celebrity chef, journalist and even the guy who sold me my car is preaching about the damage that different kinds… Read More

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Veggie Bowls With Special Sauce

By On June 25, 2015

For your chance to win 1 of 3 multi-packs from Pat’s Veg or a Love Tea hamper valued at $55, head over to The Nutrition Press Facebook page. You may have read earlier in… Read More