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Recipe of the Week: Healthy Holiday Eating

By and On December 23, 2014

After spending a few weeks in the States in the midst of Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas, I encountered a few new things about holiday eating. First, there is always too much food!… Read More


Recipe of the Week: Meat Free Monday Middle Eastern Goodness Bowl

By On December 3, 2014

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to heat the amazing Yottam Ottoleghi speak for the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. If you don’t already know this I am a huge fan… Read More


Ottolenghi’s Basic Hummus

By On December 3, 2014

With hot summer days on the horizon, dips are all the rage. There is nothing like a good Australian BBQ with a few steaks, some nice salads and some dips. In my… Read More

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Recipe of the Week: Savy Herbed Lamb Meatballs and Mint Ragu

By and On November 24, 2014

Eating healthy can be difficult as you start university, especially when feeling the strain on funds. Dealing with new finances is part of university life, like purchasing textbooks, joining clubs, paying for… Read More

Spring Recipes

Recipe of the Week: Fresh Spring Meal

By On November 24, 2014

The weather is warmer, the flowers are in bloom, the birds are chirping and a lot more people are sneezing. Spring is here! With the arrival of spring, I find myself barbequing,… Read More


A Healthier Banana Bread

By On October 7, 2014

Everyone loves banana bread right? I know I certainly love a hot fresh loaf straight out of the oven! But in reality, the most delicious of banana breads are energy dense, high… Read More