The Nutrition Press

Rachel Ben-David

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Rachel Ben-David is a final year year nutrition and dietetics hons student currently undertaking her studies at Monash University. Rachel is also the founder and director of student run website The Nutrition Press. This website aims to provide a resources made by nutrition students for nutrition students that is based on high quality evidence and that can be used to enhance studies. 

A self-professed foodie, Rachel loves nutrition and cooking. She loves to share this passion with her friends and family through her website and social media accounts. In 2014, Rachel was honoured to receive a small grant from The Office of the Vice-Provost (Learning & Teaching) (OVPLT) Monash University to fund The Nutrition Press, a Community Leaders Scholarship and a MNHS Summer Research Scholarship. If you would like to know more about Rachel and her achievements, you can read it on her LinkedIn Profile