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Kids’ sports sponsorship: promoting fitness, or an unhealthy diet?

By On June 25, 2018

Together with a nutritious diet, regular physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. With worryingly high childhood obesity rates worldwide, including here in Australia, encouraging children to regularly take… Read More

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Are the food industry responsible for the obesity epidemic?

By On April 13, 2018

Obesity is a big problem for Australia. These days’ two out of three adults and one quarter of kids are overweight or obese, and these numbers just continue to rise. So who… Read More

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No country fully compliant with breastfeeding recommendations

By On September 28, 2017

A global scorecard that analysed economic and societal factors that influence breastfeeding has shown no country in the world is fully compliant in delivering policies and programs that support and promote the practice.… Read More


GMOs: The Big Questions

By On June 1, 2017

Transparency when it comes to the food industry is rarely ever harmful. It is encouraging when people are concerned with what food they are consuming, how it is produced and what health… Read More

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Vitamin D – a free pass for some fun in the sun?

By On May 22, 2017

As I sit here dressed in a jumper and ugg boots (yes, in Queensland, and yes because it’s cold … ish), I thought it would be timely to talk about vitamin D,… Read More


Kangatarianism: what on earth is it?

By On July 4, 2016 is a whole spectrum of reasons why a person may decide to go vegetarian. For some, it is the belief that a vegetarian diet will help them live longer, while others simply… Read More


Nutrition and the journey to sustainable eating

By On April 18, 2016

With a cascade of never ending nutrition information on organics, veganism, high carb, paleo-ism, high protein, or low-fat diets at our fingertips, eating sustainably can be great – but also feel complicated… Read More

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Entomophagy: Could eating insects be the future for sustainable food systems?

By On May 11, 2015

Entomophagy, the consumption of insects, might just be a big step towards food security and sustainable food systems. Bear with me, this may not be as crazy an idea as it first seems,… Read More

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Meat Free Monday

By On December 1, 2014

Meat Free Monday: Our favourite day of the week! Hooray! Oh I think I just heard a collective groan? Never fear! I won’t let you go hungry, friends. If you haven’t heard… Read More