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digestive system with magnifying glass and microbes

Microbiota manipulation: the key to treating chronic conditions?

By On December 14, 2017

Microbes have had a bad reputation in the past as being responsible for a number of serious diseases and infections, which has resulted in our affinity for antibiotics and antibacterial products. But… Read More

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Are fermented foods fundamental in the diet?

By On December 26, 2016

Cookbook sections of book stores are filling up with books on how to ferment rather than how to cook. The yogurt section in the supermarket is now laced with special ‘probiotic’ yoghurts,… Read More

Bloated Belly

Debunking the Myths of Leaky Gut Syndrome

By On January 4, 2016

According to widespread promoters of the topical ‘leaky gut syndrome’, a faulty intestine may be the culprit for an assortment of disorders. Despite the recent popularity of this diagnosis, its existence remains… Read More

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Pat’s Veg – The new dude behind fermented foods + end of exams giveaway

By On June 23, 2015

In the quiet northern Victorian suburb of Coburg, with pristine white brick and a timber desk, lies the quiet yet booming business of Pat’s Veg. A relatively new company, specialising in organic handmade cultured vegetables,… Read More