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To breakfast, or not to breakfast?

By On April 16, 2018

Historically, breakfast has not always been a part of our daily routine; however, dietary recommendations nowadays emphasise waking up to what is often described as “the most important meal of the day”. Despite this, there is… Read More


Surgery to treat obesity — weighty step or the best approach?

By On October 9, 2017

No pun intended, but surgically removing two thirds of your stomach to lose weight is undoubtedly a weighty step. Yet with almost a third of Australians now obese, it’s clear the traditional… Read More

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Sports Nutrition Supplements: A Habit to Shake

By On May 4, 2017

In the gym, they’re in just about every advertisement, water bottle holder and locker in the vicinity. On Instagram or Snapchat, they make a perfect addition to any ‘workout done for the day!’… Read More


Ready, set point weight theory

By On February 23, 2017

What if you were told everything we had been taught about our ability to control our weight was wrong would this change the way you view yourself and your weight? We live in… Read More

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Cake is not bad, and kale is not good.

By On September 2, 2016

“I’ve been so good today, I totally deserve dessert tonight” “I know it’s naughty, but that cake looks so good and I just want a piece” “I just love my food too… Read More

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The Low Down on Intermittent Fasting

By On March 7, 2016

What is intermittent fasting? There are a number of types of intermittent fasting (IF): 5:2, 14:10, the eight hour diet. The key principle of all of these diets is that the eating… Read More


What’s all the fuss about clean eating?

By On February 12, 2016

So I know people have been tagging their Instagram food photos with it for a while now, but what actually is ‘clean eating’? I generally wash my fruit and veg and buy my… Read More

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Is ‘Health At Every Size (HAES)’ really possible?

By On July 27, 2015

‘Health At Every Size (HAES)’ is an approach to improving health which shifts the focus from weight-loss, placing it instead on healthy behaviours. Whilst HAES is often linked with and supports ‘the non-diet… Read More

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The wonderful world of tea – the science-based benefits

By On June 21, 2015

Studies have suggested that drinking tea from the Camellia sinensis shrub benefits the body’s immune function, gut function, assists blood pressure and reduces the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes… Read More

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The low carb diet – friend or fad?

By On February 6, 2015

There has been much media hype surrounding the low carbohydrate diet. This way of eating has become recently fashionable as the Paleolithic or Paleo diet and was previously well-known as the Atkins’ diet. It… Read More